Precision Websites

Let’s cut to the chase. Your customer wants questions answered quickly, wants to buy your product or service, and wants to get on with his or her life. I design, build, and maintain websites to satisfy your customer. Clean, direct, precise websites that look and sound like your unique voice. Contact me to find out more about:

Precision Online Marketing

Say you’ve built a website. What are you doing to attract people to it? First, prep the website: add an attractive offer or free valuable info, design it to capture visitor info, and optimize for search engines. Then do the legwork: track down related websites, invite search engines, buy ads online, and promote ‘offline’. Track each success rate and tweak the strategy. Maximize your online investment with these services:

Precise. Personal. Practical.

Take advantage of my 15 years building customer-focused websites of all sizes. I’ll help you develop a cost-effective Internet presence to meet your business goals.

Call me (508-494-7953) or email me ( and let’s discuss your project.