Link-Building: How does social bookmarking help in B2B/B2C online marketing?

Social bookmarking is a way to get others to discover your pages of good content.

What is bookmarking and what is “social” about bookmarking?

When you bookmark a page at, others can see that the page has been noted as interesting. Add tags, and a good description, and in searches like-minded people may stumble onto your page. It’s bookmarking, it’s social… social bookmarking.

Speaking of “stumbling”… StumbleUpon is a service to help Web surfers find other websites they might enjoy, and it’s effective for getting new traffic. It’s in my top 10 list for where to add your pages. You register, so they can keep down the spam, and add the toolbar to your browser. When you find a page that you like, you can rate it thumbs up or thumbs down, and add a description (if you’re the first) or personal review of that page. Great place to add keywords!

I recommend “stumbling” your best pages that you want to rank for keywords, and asking friends to do so.

So why don’t I add 500 pages? No, just keep it natural.

The pages you’ve created are useful and informative, so add the good ones and don’t spam the system. I also recommend adding related pages that you find. It shows that you are a participant in voting for good information, not just out for self-promotion. And it looks more “natural” to search engines.

NOTE: Work on adding links from authority sites in your area of interest before the social bookmarking. Relationships give better results than anonymous bookmarking. Bookmarking doesn’t take a lot of resources and you can get the advantage by enlisting co-workers and friends, or getting an outsourcer to handle it.

Social bookmarks generally add less traffic and authority to your pages than building relationships. But it does ensure you have a presence and can be found if someone is searching for your topic.

Start at:

Top sites for social bookmarking:
– blinklist

Then there are a myriad of other bookmarking sites.

Do you have a social bookmarking process or strategy? Let us know in the comments…