Connect with Customers and Prospects

Developing a relationship with customers and prospects is smart marketing. With a blog and social media strategy, you can nurture leads that may take longer to turn into new business. Are your sales efforts solely focused on the “hot” leads who are ready to buy today? Industry experts estimate that only 25% of those who are going to buy do so in the first 6 months.

Provide timely, useful information and resources to grow an audience that is related to the products and services you provide with a blog and other content. A blog can give your company a voice that will set you apart from the rest of the pack. You’ll also be top-of-mind when the prospect is ready to take the next step.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Some blogging tools have a built-in advantage when it comes to getting higher search engine rankings and more targeted traffic. When new content is added, search engines, directories, and other blogs will be notified. As you continue to update your website regularly, search engines will see that your website has life, is current, and is a central resource for your industry, and will want to push your website higher in the results.

With a blog, adding smaller bites of targeted content is much easier. You can cover more targeted keywords which may be searched for less often, but could be your best prospects.

Get a Social Media Strategy for Best Results

A strategy for social media marketing will leverage the investment in a blog. Precision Websites looks for other ways to promote your valuable information to new prospects through off-site blogs, social bookmarking, hosted resources pages on popular websites, and more.

Blog Design and Development Services

We can handle the entire process of adding blogging to your online marketing mix, or work with your team to enhance your presence.

  • Overall strategy / consulting
  • Content strategy
  • Design
  • Set up hosting and software
  • Customize to your business objectives
  • Maintenance: Posting, promotion, troubleshooting

Precision Websites has developed blogs for companies and individual professionals that add value to the lead nurturing process. Contact us and we’ll design a strategy that gets results for you.